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Intuitive Living with Suzanne
Exploring Archetypes: The Child

Exploring Archetypes: The Child

Four part series exploring the common archetypes we all encounter and how to recognize them in our lives.

Archetypes are the universal symbolic patterns that are used to explain the nature of the world. The archetypal characters allow us to see patterns and predictability in our lives so that we might understand ourselves and the world around us.

To explore the Archetypes and how they are showing up in your life, schedule a call with me or contact me on


The LifeWalk
Intuitive Living with Suzanne
Hi! I’m Suzanne, but what the heck is Intuitive Living? Intuitive Living is simply becoming more in tune with what your perfect life looks and feels like, and then taking action to create that life. We’ll discuss living authentically by exploring archetypes, Human Design, living in tune with the seasons, the art of balance, and more! So if you’re ready to make some changes and take some chances, you’re in the right place!
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