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Human Design: Your Decision Making Authority

Human Design: Your Decision Making Authority

Learning about your decision making authority is an important part of trusting your inner guidance and living intuitively.

Living Intuitively means getting in touch with who you are at your core so you can better trust your inner guidance. Learning about your Human Design decision making authority will put you one more step forward toward understanding who you are, how you operate, and how to feel your intuition more clearly.

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The LifeWalk
Intuitive Living with Suzanne
Hi! I’m Suzanne, but what the heck is Intuitive Living? Intuitive Living is simply becoming more in tune with what your perfect life looks and feels like, and then taking action to create that life. We’ll discuss living authentically by exploring archetypes, Human Design, living in tune with the seasons, the art of balance, and more! So if you’re ready to make some changes and take some chances, you’re in the right place!
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