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creating your path of exploration, adventure, and growth by learning to trust your own inner guidance.

Your life is your own and it’s what you create it to be. It doesn’t fit into a box and you can’t design it with a pre-made template.

Too many people:

  • don’t know their own purpose

  • are living someone else’s dreams and goals

  • spend all their energy being everything to everyone else

At The LifeWalk, I take you on an exploration of what makes you uniquely YOU, to trust your inner guidance system, and create your most authentic life!

Here is where we explore Archetypes, Human Design, intuitive living, and reframing your inner dialogues. We’ll also light the fire under your feet to DO ALL THE THINGS that you know deep inside you can and want to do!

Have a topic you’d like to explore? Message me and let me know!

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A little about me…

I’m Suzanne Arjona, author, explorer, intuitive life management coach and life path guide. Helping you unleash your adventurous spirit and living a life that brings you joy is my mission. I’m here to help you get in touch with your intuition, and learn to use your inner guidance to create the life path you know is yours.

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Living intuitively means trusting the answers within yourself to live your most authentic life filled with meaning and joy. There is no one-size-fits-all guide to living life. You need to create your own!


Suzanne Arjona

Author, explorer, and intuitive life path guide. Helping you unleash your adventurous, authentic spirit and living a life that brings you joy is my mission.