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creating your path of exploration, adventure, and saying “hell yeah!” to life.

Your life is your creation. It doesn’t fit into a box, and you can’t design it with a pre-made template.

There are two main sections on the page:

⏳ The LifeWalk - posts on Thursdays about living here and now, everyday thoughts and musings on this journey through life.

🌙 The Soul’s Journey - posts on Tuesdays where well dive a little deeper into archetypes, symbolism, and Human Design.

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A little about me…

I’m Suzanne Arjona, author, explorer, and intuitive life path guide. Helping you unleash your adventurous spirit and living a life that brings you joy is my mission.

I started The LifeWalk back in 1999 as a young mom of twins, small business owner, and seeker of my place in the world. I’ve since become a world traveler, published author, firearms safety instructor, Tai Chi teacher, and community herbalist. My motto is “Try it once. If you like it keep doing it, if not try something else!”

When it comes to taking the road less travelled, I’ve been there, done that, wrote a book or three, and am still finding new ways to live authentically and share them with you.

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The definitive guide to saying “hell yeah!” to living your (human) design, written by someone who’s been there, done that, wrote a book or two, and is still finding new ways to live authentically and follow roads less traveled.


Author, explorer, and intuitive life path guide. Diving into what’s on my mind, your mind, and whatever else the universe wants me to write.